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We design and build exceptional landscapes for exceptional homes.

Serenely natural garden setting with two children peacefully at rest on the left, while a woman finds relaxation at home on the right."
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A private sanctuary, a gathering place, a creative haven —or all of this at once. What your garden means to you, Hortus will bring it to life.

We are a team of residential landscape designers whose philosophies are nature-rooted and whose practices are sustainability-driven. We create beautiful and functional outdoor spaces that are a natural fit for your home life.

Private garden with relaxing vibe
About your garden—
Designed for your lifestyle.

We design with your daily routines and personal tastes in mind, translating them into outdoor spaces that elevate your every day and provide the perfect backdrop for special occassions

Designed around nature.

We embrace nature’s beauty, carefully blending organic elements, native flora, and ecologically mindful practices for gardens that harmonize effortlessly with the environment.

Designed for the future.

From plant selection to placement of features, every detail in your garden is thoughtfully considered to achieve cohesion in the built structure, connecting the indoors and outdoors.

Start your garden transformation in three easy steps —
Private garden with lake and relaxing vibe
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From a quote we will send, choose the package that aligns best with the services you need, and the complexity of your vision.
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Architecture and nature —
A natural fit.
Our team skillfully translates your architectural vision into outdoor spaces that seamlessly blend with the built environment. We elevate the value and appeal of your projects while nurturing a deep connection between homeowners and their surrounding environment.
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Gardens are not just an aesthetic addition to a home, but a dynamic and versatile space where memories are made, creativity flows, and relaxation abounds. We understand the potential of an outdoor space and design it to reflect your lifestyle and needs.
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Your lifestyle and garden -
A natural fit.
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